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The artist Ërell is a continuation of his workshop work on the development of the plastic qualities of the materials he likes such as wood, metals or concrete.


The artist uses a formal glossary designed for the street in order to create games of fullness and emptiness, of forms and counter-forms, of variation of scale, of approach which could be compared to typographic games.

These patterns which constitute his writing, his signature, and with which he creates compositions that are sometimes organic, and always geometric with a search for balance, allow him to emphasize the lively, imprecise, and sensitive aspect of the supports he manufactures and on which he paints.


The module he uses today results from the splitting of a simple geometric shape, the hexagon, itself resulting

visuel pour instagram.jpg

from a schematization of its tag. From this practice, he retains the automatism of the gesture, the energy that transforms the typography into a visual emblem, a logo, modular and adaptable, but also the viral character, alive from the multiplication of the motif.

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