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Official studies on road safety all agree that in the majority of cases it is the lack of attention that is really responsible for road accidents.

There are indeed plenty of rules and laws to theoretically regulate traffic problems, but these rules do not solve the practical problem of concentration and attention to driving.

It is most often the automatisms which distance man from the conditions of attention and responsibility and it is therefore important to understand that road signs repeated endlessly, in abundance, always the same, are part of these automatisms . It becomes banal and mechanical, it is then the message itself which ends up losing its interest and its importance, the signaling is very present but is no longer contemplated, the communication does not pass.

My work, on the other hand, awakens the driver's attention, it creates interest and sympathy where there is generally very little attention and often even a certain rejection.


Of course, I take care in my interventions on the panels never to harm the original meaning of the message, my work is present in a largely minor proportion compared to the whole of the image and in an emergency situation it tends to disappear because the eye selects. I would also have no interest in eliminating the message from the panels on which I work, my work ironically largely on their uncompromising and authoritarian character, without that it is my work itself which loses its meaning.

The important thing is in the way of doing it, I always impose myself to be constructive and positive, I add sense, poetry, humor, at least I force myself. In any case, I seek dialogue, I have never hidden, because if vandalism destroys constructed art.


I would thus enrich a social debate where it would be a question of finding a fair balance between taxation and freedoms, because the excess of rules discourages the sense of responsibility of the citizen which generates the need for new rules in a vicious circle without purposes.

Through the insertion of poetic or philosophical elements into a purely uncompromising subject such as the highway code, I give the concrete example of a possible reconciliation between two extremes usually in tension : authority and freedom. I would like to demonstrate that we have to find a compromise, the law will always need more humanity to be better respected, like signs which become desirable and sought-after objects as soon as they contain a little humor and meaning.


Look at the children, they immediately perceive the playful and human character of my work, they look for it in the city, finally attentive to the presence of traffic signs, communication passes, road safety progresses.


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