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Since several decades, art have appropriated the biggest museum in the world : the street.


Between the embodiment of freedom of expression and societal awareness, public space is made up with extra soul, urban furniture is transformed into an offbeat artistic object.

If its legitimacy has been deployed under the pen of journalists and within museums, urban art was born in the street. Many artists are investing in this new territory and its modes of expression, thereby helping to place it in the history of art.


‟Légendes Urbainesˮ is an invitation to discover this multifaceted urban universe from the 80s to today. On this occasion, the curatorship was entrusted to Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, director of ICART (the school of management of culture and the art market) and president and founder of Artistik Rezo (Paris) and Pierre Lecaroz , president and founder of the Pôle Magnetic association (Bordeaux).

‟Investing in the Bordeaux submarine base is a form of consecration for urban art. This place steeped in history will be an exceptional setting for artists ˮ comments Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, exhibition curator


‟From the street to the Base, this color chart of pictorial and technical universe summons the spectator's gaze to travel and daydream sublimating the time of an exhibition this mineral vestige, testimony of our common history ˮ testifies Pierre Lecaroz, curator of exposure.

Drawing on works by renowned artists such as Ernest Pignon Ernest, Jacques Villegle, Invader, Jonone, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, JR, Roti or Pantonio and in situ installations by iconic and emerging artists such as Aerosept, ARDPG, Bault , Stephane Carricondo, Erell, Charles Foussard, GrisOne, Madame, Monkeybird, Nasti, Andrea Ravo Mattoni, Rouge and Romain Froquet, this collective exhibition explores the liveliness and richness of movement. A carte blanche given to the 9th Concept will enrich the exhibition with interactive and fun installations.

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