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« The art of making places  is also about using art in town. »


Inspired by volumes and materials, our intention, through this color chart of artistic proposals, is to bring a strong graphic identity to the registration site with the ambition to enhance the attic to form a homogeneous and harmonious whole where the regard is invited to travel and daydream by its ability to transport the viewer, the fruit of intersubjective projections to which a work of art refers.


Lines, curves, symbols, shapes and colors gracefully carve out the setting on which they are written, ode to poetry, a source of well-being and revealing of emotions.


Draped in an additional soul that redraws the singular silhouette of this mineral set, Art contributes to improving the quality of life of and visitors in a dynamic of narration and permanent dialogues between space and the public.


Through this project, we are pursuing the ambition of supporting local residents in this context of continual and progressive upheavals but essential to the balance of a territory and its harmonious development.


This action aims to place artistic creation at the heart of the transformation process, to take a fresh look at a moving architecture and to rethink another way of living together.


A dream and emotional factory, a strong visual individuality will embody the symbol of a more lively and lively renewal where the inhabitants become actors and spectators in turn.

Traits d'union

Traits d'union