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Correspondences … the very title captures an imaginary of the epistolary adventure, the assiduous resonance of interlocutors long separated by space, which intention nevertheless, intimately connects. This is the goal of this project: reconciler, cosmopolitan, citizen, united and resolutely urban - anchored in the local territory and as much as open to the world, this project intends to dialogue with everyday life, public space, artists of horizons different and their conversation invisible on the walls, like invitations to travel in the city, than to introspection.



By nature, the signature is written on the walls




Articulated around Street Art, Correspondances feeds like him, the ambition of an alchemy between the work of art, the registration site and the public. In this urban skin which is constantly changing, we intend to deploy as many metropolitan components as Girondins, and encourage the solidarity and the influence of its actors and artists.

Correspondences #1  - November 2016


Library of the Grand Parc 

Correspondences #1  - November 2016

Monkey Bird & Saïd Dokins

Chartrons gymnasium

Correspondences #1  - October 2016


Grand Parc I gymnasium

Correspondences #1  - September 2016


Ravezie square