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‟ Urban art poses, sometimes without its knowledge, a panorama of unresolved questions, and the artists who practice it play it or suffer its paradoxes. It is where these issues overlap that I imagined a collaborative and experimental work around real biases. ˮ   

explains Rouge

For its first carte blanche, the Desperados Corporate Foundation invites Rouge, a rising figure in contemporary urban art.

Thought as a collaborative and evolving work, ‟Courts-circuitsˮ invites 6 artists of Urban Art (including Rouge) to create unique and transportable works which will be entrusted, for life, to 6 anonymous amateurs. In exchange for this ‟loan for lifeˮ, these amateurs undertake to walk and bring the works to life once a month in the city of Bordeaux, for 6 months.

Starting from the observation that urban artists combine an outdoor, public practice, with a workshop practice, intended for specialized circuits that embrace

the codes of the art world, Rouge seeks to know if these studio works can integrate, they also, the space of streets and thus go beyond established conventions. How to offer the passer-by this other facet of artistic creation and make it a common good just like a fresco? Can the work exist removed from its codes ?

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